Thunderbirds Are Go: Team Rush Trailer – OUT NOW!

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5! 4! 3! 2! 1… Thunderbirds are GO!

All of us at Miniclip are thrilled to announce our newest game for iOS and Android: this is Thunderbirds Are Go: Team Rush! Adults of a certain age may remember Thunderbirds, but this game is based on the current Thunderbirds Are Go series, a re-imagining of the franchise that mixes classic real-life sets with CG animation to create a unique new take on International Rescue. We’re really excited to be making the official game, the world’s first team-based, story-based runner.

The game is set up like a season of a TV show, with every story mission taking the place of one episode. The story follows International Rescue as they try to take down their old nemesis, The Hood. Rather than a typical endless runner where you keep going until you fail, every mission in Thunderbirds Are Go has a goal, whether it’s reaching a certain distance, collecting a specific number of items, destroying The Hood’s troublemakers and so on.

We’ve got six playable characters: all five of the Tracey brothers and their ally Kayo. We’ve also got six playable Thunderbirds, with the classic Thunderbirds 1 to 5 as well as the new Thunderbird Shadow. Best of all, each level isn’t just one character or one vehicles. Most stages have multiple segments and, between each segment, you are given the opportunity to switch to a new character or vehicle. Each Thunderbird controls differently and each character can unlock their own unique gadget, so being able to switch it up mid-level keeps things fresh and exciting every time.

As well as the story missions, there are also randomly-generated side missions you can do at any time if you are ever running low on resources. You can also visit Tracey Island itself. Upgrading the buildings there helps them generate resources automatically, which can then be used to upgrade your characters’ and Thunderbird’s abilities. Playing through the story mode will gradually unlock new characters and craft so new players aren’t too overwhelmed. There’s loads to unlock, and everything can be further upgraded to make it even better. Maxing out everything is going to be a tough task!

Thunderbirds Are Go: Team Rush is out now on iOS and Android devices worldwide! Whether you’re a young fan of the new show or an old fan of the old one, there’s something here for you enjoy. Time to blast off and save the world!

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